Classes Cater to Any Fitness Level

Traditional Crossfit programming designed for people of all fitness levels. Our program is built on variety, functional movement patterns that translate to life, and high intensity relative to each individual. Consistent attendance helps build strength, conditioning, flexibility, coordination, and, when combined with proper diet, can help improve overall health markers like high blood pressure, body fat percentages, and more. No matter what your fitness level, our classes can have a dramatic impact on your health, fitness, and overall quality of life.

Main Crossfit Programming

Our main class that runs year round and is perfect for anyone looking to improve their overall health and fitness. Whether you are in the gym for your first time ever, or a college athlete looking to take your fitness to another level, our classes are for you. While one workout is written for the class every day, movements within the workout can be modified or adjusted to meet any fitness level, or specifically catered to your own personal goals. Certified Crossfit instructors oversee every class and help each individual choose options within the prescribed workout to ensure it is challenging but achievable. Everything can be personalized to your level.

Our Workouts Are:

Constantly Varied

No class will look the same as the last. That variety helps keep things fresh and engaging, while promoting an unrivaled level of health and overall fitness for our members.


Crossfit methodology focuses on the use of functional movement patterns like squatting, pressing, pulling, running, jumping, lunging, etc. This emphasis on functional movements ensures the things we work on in the gym will translate to activities you do in life outside the gym. Whether you are just looking to keep up with your kids, take on activities like hiking or running with friends, or looking to take your performance to a new level in your sport, the use of functional movements will help get you there.

Performed at Relative High Intensity

Intensity is the number one driver of results in the gym. Intensity is relative to each individual, but once confident with form and technique, we push our members to work at an intense pace that drives results no matter what your goals. So whether your goal is weight loss, to improve body composition, or just to improve overall strength and conditioning, our Crossfit programming is designed for you. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Momentum Jump Start

This 6 week boot camp style program is perfect for those that are looking to begin a fitness routine but feel somewhat unsure or intimidated about joining our full time program. Jump Start follows Crossfit principles of functional movements at relative high intensity, but excludes the use of barbells and other “heavy” weights. We also offer nutritional guidance for our boot campers, and our coaches stay in close contact throughout the program to ensure each member is successful in meeting their goals.

Our boot campers meet for the first time and go through a series of fitness tests to establish a baseline for where they are. If this sounds intense, don’t worry! This is designed simply as a way of measuring where you are today. At the end of the 6 week period our campers meet again and perform the exact same tests. The results are often staggering. This process shows each member in a measurable way just how far they have come in the 6 week program.

Boot campers are also offered (completely option) the choice of taking body measurements and before and after photos as another way of tracking progress. While optional, this is highly encouraged as a way of SEEING the power of the program.

Additionally, we offer guidance on tracking macronutrients and weighing and measuring food , not necessarily as a 6 week crash diet, but as a way of educating and empowering our members to take charge of their nutrition long after the 6 week Jump Start program is over.

While the 6 week transformations are often exciting, the true goal of this program is to be a starting point to get members to join our main Crossfit programming and become Momentum lifers. This program can be an excellent Jump Start, but nothing can replace years of commitment and belonging to an amazing gym community.

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Athletic Performance / Momentum Kids

Our Momentum Kids program runs every summer for kids ages 6-11. The program is perfect to keep kids active in the summer and keeps them moving and getting stronger at an early age! The program includes some light weights and bodyweight activities and teaches kids that fitness can be fun! All classes are closely supervised by our certified trainers and promise to be fun and challenging for the kids involved. Classes are 45 minutes in length and often involve working in groups in fun and creative ways. While we try to make the classes fun, the kids are definitely getting work done! Kids often leave sweaty and spent, as the program provides a much needed way to burn off some energy while the kids are away from school.

Our Athletic Performance program is similar to our main class program but catered towards the teenage population. The program sticks to Crossfit methodology and builds strength, endurance, coordination, and overall fitness. Here we introduce more weightlifting techniques and work on form and strength training more so than our Momentum Kids program. Here our coaches spend our first full session entirely on learning basic fundamental movements like the squat and deadlift. Our second day we go through a series of tests to establish a baseline and retest at the end of our program to see the results of our work together. The program is all about instilling confidence, building strength, and helping growing teens in a controlled environment where they can learn to test themselves physically. This program is perfect for student athletes looking to improve their strength, conditioning, and performance in their sport, and is also great for young teens just looking to explore the world of fitness.

These programs run for 2 days a week every summer.

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Additional Services

Inbody Scans: Contact us today to schedule an Inbody scan. This scan provides an in depth analysis of your body that goes far beyond a traditional scale reading. This tool will help you get a great snapshot of where your body is now and the steps needed to get to your optimal composition. 

Personal Nutrition Coaching: We are now proud to offer one on one nutrition coaching! Our staff or nutrition coaches have experience working with clients one on one and leading flexible dieting plans to help you achieve your nutrition goals. Limited spots available. Contact us today for information about these plans.